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Working with Me
Inquiries and Scheduling
Session Details
Hot Dog Philosophy


Thank you for your interest in booking a session with Hot Dog Photography!

This page is your guide to the process of working with me to create images of your dog that capture their personality and the joy in your relationship.

Working with Me

Inquiries and Scheduling

Session Details, Location, and Pricing

Hot Dog Philosophy

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Me

Hot Dog Photography is a small but mighty business run solely by me, with assistance from my dog, Frankie. I'm a natural light photographer, which means that nearly all sessions take place outdoors where the light is best for photographing your dog. My photographic style is natural and relaxed, and my focus is always on making your session enjoyable for you and your dog. I follow my instincts during your session, taking cues from your dog and adjusting as needed to ensure their comfort and engagement.


Inquiries and Scheduling

To get started, simply fill out the session inquiry form. I will reach out to you for a free 30-minute consult call to discuss your ideas and goals, as well as scheduling and logistics.

To lock in your date, I'll send you a contract and a model/property release to sign. A non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the session cost is collected at this time and will be applied to the total cost of your experience.


Once your session is booked, I will share a preparation guide to help you and your pup get ready. The remaining balance of your total is due 72 hours before your session.

Session Details, Location, and Pricing

Sessions are scheduled for 1 hour, with 30-45 minutes spent photographing your dog and any humans that participate in the session. Please bring a friend or family member with you to assist, as dogs can require extra wrangling at times!

At this time I am offering sessions in two of Jamaica Plain's most beautiful outdoor locations: The Arnold Arboretum and Frankin Park. For end-of-life sessions, please reach out and we will discuss flexible options for location based on your dog's needs and your personal preferences. Location is also flexible for anyone who requires accommodation due to a disability.

Sessions begin at $300. This price includes your 1-hour session for 1 dog and 10 fully edited, digital files suitable for online use, digital framing, holiday cards, etc. You will have full rights to all the images in your package for personal use. You can expect to receive your fully edited digital files approximately 3 weeks following your session.

The following upgrades are available for all sessions:

  • Sessions with more than 1 dog: $50 per additional dog

  • Choose your own location within 5 miles of Jamaica Plain: $100 upgrade

  • Travel fees for sessions outside the area are determined based on location.

I also offer gift certificates if you would like to purchase a session for someone else or contribute to the Hot Dogs for Everyone Program!

Please note that prices and offerings are subject to change at any time.

Hot Dog Philosophy

I believe all dogs are Hot Dogs and deserve to be relished through the creation of joyful images that honor their personality and your relationship. Above all else, my goal is to create a fun and meaningful experience for you and your dog. Hot Dog Photography is founded on the value of inclusivity, which means we accept all breeds, we aim to create an accessible experience for people with disabilities, and we uplift people of color and LGBTQ+ people at every opportunity. QTBIPOC clients who mention code FRANK10 on their contact form will receive a 10% discount on services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

At this time I am focused on photographing dogs and their human companions. If you have a pet that is comfortable being photographed outdoors, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss whether I would be a good fit for your needs.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my session?

The quality of your images depends on great natural lighting conditions and the comfort of you, your dog, and myself. If the weather isn't ideal on the day of your session (e.g., rainy, excessive wind or cloud cover, excessively hot or cold, or otherwise poor conditions), we will reschedule for a more suitable day. I appreciate your patience if we need to reschedule due to the elements. It will be worth the wait to have quality images, a happy dog, and a fun experience!

Do you work with dogs who aren't well trained or who are shy, nervous, or reactive?

I have experience working with dogs of varying backgrounds, levels of training, and temperaments. I invite you to share anything about your dog's personality with me when you submit your inquiry form, and we will discuss any concerns you may have during your consult call. Some dogs require more time and patience during their session, which is why all sessions are scheduled for 1 hour. The more relaxed and patient you are during the session, the more relaxed your dog will be! It is important for you to be honest with yourself about the kind of situations your dog can comfortably handle and to communicate this during our consult call.


Your dog's safety and comfort are my top priority. I will never push a dog beyond their comfort zone to get an image or appease a client, and I will make that decision during the shoot based on my knowledge and experience of working professionally with dogs. If your dog is shy, nervous, or reactive, I will work with you to determine the best location to suit your dog's needs so that we have the best chance of getting great images during your session.

My dog is very well-behaved. Can I take them off leash during our session?

Dogs must remain on leash at all times during the session to ensure the safety of your dog and any other people or animals in the vicinity and to comply with local leash laws. The only exception to this is if you book your session in a fully enclosed, private location. Leashes are an important part of our relationship and life with our dogs, so I tend not to remove them in editing.


Please note that I do not hold sessions at dog parks.

What if I need to cancel my session?

If you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason whatsoever, please inform me as soon as possible and no less than 72 hours before your session. The non-refundable 50% deposit you paid when booking will be retained to cover the administrative costs of cancellation/rescheduling and the time I have spent preparing for your session.

Do you offer printed images or other products?

Your session package includes digital files only. If you would like to purchase prints of any of the images from your session, I would be happy to discuss options with you. Pricing for prints is based on the size of the images you would like as well as the number of prints you would like to order.

What is the purpose of the model/property release?

This release permits me to publish the images from your session. Your images may appear in my online portfolio, social media pages, or other marketing materials so that others can see examples of my work and the kind of images they can expect from our session.

Can I have all of the image files from my photo shoot?

Part of my job as a photographer is to sift through the many images from your session and find the best ones for you to enjoy. It is my job to present you with the highest-quality selection rather than every photo taken. As a professional photographer, I am also responsible for selecting the images that are the best representation of my style. 

Will I own the copyright to the images from my session?

All of my clients are guaranteed the right to the images from their session for personal use (e.g., on social media, getting photos printed from a lab, etc.), although I maintain the copyright as the creator of the images. This is specified in your contract so you can rest assured there are no hidden costs or restrictions for personal use. I do request that clients provide photo credit and tag Hot Dog Photography on social media or other sites.

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